Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gardening is the new black.

I have a confession to make; I am not a shoeaholic.  My shoe collection is decidedly sparse by most female standards, and my staple footwear of choice has always been a few pairs of well worn, mucky Doc Martins, Converse and some classic ballet flats.  However, the recent popularity of one particular iconic brand has turned me into a lustful, drooling, shoe maniac.  From the second I saw my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, I have been obsessed with obtaining a pair.  Nay. All of the pairs!
So you see, if it wasn't for this obsession, I wouldn't have taken the trip into the magical place, which just days ago opened it's leafy display in Arnotts; The Shoe Garden! 

With the most enticing, imaginative, autumnal window display I have ever seen in Arnotts, or anywhere in Dublin for that matter; the store boasts 10,000 square feet, flaunting 50, 000 pairs of shoes, from 47 brands.  It's damn impressive.  Even for a shoe newbie like me.

As I entered through the leafy garden arches, I will shamelessly admit I ran straight to the Jeffrey Campbell display.  The sounds I emitted from my lips as I held my first pair, wouldn't have been out of place in a video produced by the adult film industry. The selection is just that hot.  Buffalo stocks original Lita's, studded, snakeskin, tartan, and the new gold star studded peep-toe wedge, with prices ranging from €150 to €265.  I'm thinking of cutting down on essentials, like food and hygiene products, until I can afford a pair.

When I finally managed to tear myself away from the JC's, I had a chance to peruse the other 46 shoe brands, spaciously displayed around the treasure trail.  I was, of course, drawn immediately to the trusty Doc Martins and Converse, and the selection did not let me down.  I had my eye on a pair of Cons styled by Gorillaz, and simultaneously turned my eye to some Dorothy-esque ruby slippers by Vivienne Westwood.

Other covetable brands included, Kurt Geiger, Carl Scarpa, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Anne Klein,Van
Dahl, Pied A Terre, Nine West, Steve Madden, Hunter, Lipsy...from the most sensible shoe, to the most outrageous, glamorous, cool or just plain pretty.  With so many styles and brands, there's something for everyone, and with Christmas in our midst, I'd recommend the Garden as a good place to start when writing your wish-list! 

My head was spinning by the time I had circled the whole wonderland (no less than three times).  It was time to leave but, not before I made one last trip to see Jeffrey Campbell...


  1. Amazo shoes heaven, Kurt Geiger and Jeffrey Campbell!! need to get myself in there now!!! love your blog by the way,never knew you were so pretty . great hat and jacket and loved your coat and knee socks in last fashion post..gorgeous!! xxx

    1. Thank you! You can get the hat with matching mittens in Penneys :)
      Get yourself to The Shoe Garden, pronto! It's therapy, you don't have to pay for. Unless, of course, you do have which case, lucky you!


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