Sunday, 1 April 2012

Freak Scene

While listening to Sebadoh before bedtime (youtube in lieu of a good book), I remembered from the cobwebbed corners of my mind, that the bassist was also a founding member of the iconic grunge band Dinosaur Jr. This got me researching, AKA youtube crawling.

The following bands have one main thing in common:
Lou Barlow.

Bassist Barlow and Scott Helland formed Massachusetts-based hardcore punk band  Deep Wound.  They advertised for a new member to join them, "drummer wanted to play really fast".  J Mascis  answered to the call.

Mascis then joined Barlow to form Dinosaur(Jr)

After their third album, Bug, frequent conflict between Mascis and Barlow led to Lou being asked to leave the band. This gave him the leisure to explore his song writing, confessional lyrics and attend to his lo-fi side project, Sebadoh. 

In 1994, Barlow formed the Folk Implosion, releasing several EPs and singles, and composing most of the soundtrack for the successful cult film KIDS. The soundtrack featured Lou's most successful hit to date, Natural One. Also appearing on the soundtrack were songs from artists Daniel Johnston, and Slint, as well as Barlow's other project Sebadoh. 

After the release of The Sebadoh, Barlow decides to take a break.

This hiatus saw Barlow taking part in several side projects and returning with  The New Folk Implosion. 

Forming an almost complete circle, in 2005 Dinosaur Jr reformed, releasing their entire back catalogue and appearing live on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. They toured internationally throughout 2006. 

Lou Barlow also performs solo under his own name and opened for Dinosaur Jr. in 1999.


  1. Weird! Was just reading about Lou Barlow on the Weezer Cruise...bit of a genius but also supposedly quite a difficult character. Love everything he's done that said.

  2. Weezer cruise...I need to brush up on my researching skills. "You mean there's more to teh internetz than wiki and the toob?" O_O I must read up more about him.


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