Tuesday, 6 March 2012


This year there is something very special and diverse about this year's fashion trends. 

Primark(UK)/Penneys(Ireland) have practically stolen the hangers from the designer rail this Spring-Summer. With considerably cheaper versions of the most stand out pieces from fashion week.
Left: Mary Katrantzou. Right: Primark.
There’s about €1,260 in the difference, ladies.

Next up, Primark takes on Prada....and vintage cars
Left: Prada. Right: Primark
Practically identical!
I spotted the Prada knock-off sleeve-less top with the vintage car print, in the O’Connell Street Dublin branch. The only sizes left were 16+, so obviously a few people knew a good trend when they grabbed it off the rack. Perhaps because Lana Del Rey sported the look…who knows. I’m craving the Katrantzou knock-off florals myself.
Some more must have trends from P! (I LOVE the dress on the top:right)

My advise? Get your purses down to your nearest Primark/Penneys fast, because these are walking out the door.

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