Sunday, 10 April 2011


Home-grown talent, Ross McDonnell, documented a gang of youths in poverty stricken Ballymun, Dublin for more than 2 years. His first encounter with them occurred on Halloween night 2006, when a younger boy approached him and asked "Mister, ja wanna see somethin' crazy?". What started as a few photographs of burned out cars on a bonfire, led to gaining the trust of a group of young people in Ballymun and entering their world. A world immersed in drugs, guns and arson. In terms of Sociology, McDonnell was practising a form of ethnography
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Ross McDonnell has since added many projects to his impressively diverse CV, including works in Afghanistan, Africa and Central America. He is currently based in Mexico working with crime reporters and preparing a documentary.  You can check out his blog here 

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