Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Food For Thought

I don't watch a lot of the brainwashing box, apart from a documentary here or there, and of course Come Dine With Me on Sundays, like it's a religious custom.

I've watched this the past couple of Sundays though:

I really like the idea behind this. It's basically a big F U to supermarket conglomerates and it's an ethical and economical way to shop. It's community run, with members volunteering to work in the shop 4 hours a month, which means more money can be spent on food. Members also have a say about the produce sold. There are some requested brand name items but most of the food is local. The best thing about this shop is that it refuses to waste food. It buys "seconds" from local suppliers. Seconds are foods that "look funny", like curved cucumbers and bulbous peppers. There's nothing at all wrong with the food, in fact it's fresher than the stock you would buy in a large supermarket and anything that's not sold on the shelf is made into a ready meal right there in the shop so there's no waste.

I would love to live near a People's Supermarket.
Screw you, Tesco.



  1. Really great! When I lived in Taiwan most of my local grocers were community run in this way. The family would the business and village members would work some hours in return for selling their produce on the shelves. Of course all of the food was locally sourced; a luxury which can rarely be afforded in Dublin City...especially if you want Asian food =P

  2. That's wicked, RiZo. Even the food co-op here is expensive and it seems to be every man for himself. I wish there was a Taiwan-community-ethic here...perhaps if we look hard enough :)

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