Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Galaxy Style Exchange @Siopaella

The Galaxy Style Exchange is the newest, funnest and coolest way to recycle and update your wardrobe, and was officially launched last month.  

Stylist & presenter Angela Scanlon took to twitter to swap some of her once loved threads for someone else's gems, using the hashtag #GalaxyStyle.
  Tomorrow night (June 11th) Angela will be at it again, this time hosting a Style Exchange event in Dublin's beloved consignment store Siopaella, where a select few are invited to their Crow Street shop to bring along 3-5 items from their own wardrobe which then become credits that can "buy" you other items.  Basically the more you bring, the more you swap! I'm super excited to be one of the lucky VIP's attending alongside the super stylish Brian Conway.

Follow @Galaxy_ie #GalaxyStyle for more info on future events and exchanges, and catch up with the the fashionable crew at @Siopaella 

Go to Galaxy.ie tips on how to host your own Style Exchange 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hidden Treasure.

Literally down a laneway, Quack & Dirk is a sweet hideaway packed with vintage and handmade clothes and accessories. I pass the little sandwich board sign just after Bank of Ireland at Marino Mart in Fairview everyday but had never ventured down the lane until this past week.

As I entered the shop, with squeaky running shoes wet from adjacent park (sorry about the floor), I was welcomed by a smiling face sticking out from behind a cut-out cross, and a similarly welcoming feel from the shop. The small but airy space is stocked with quality handmade items including some delightful scarves (I'm coveting one or two of these myself as well as a zebra print cardi) perfect for Christmas Day cosiness).

The lovely smiling woman with the fantastic mane of hair, sitting behind the cross remains an unnamed enigma and the shop's owner Deirdre Cantwell was away sourcing stock on the day, but I will be back with dry shoes and some pocket money very soon. They open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm.  Sure, why not make a day of it in Fairview?  Bram Stokers around the corner and there's a park there to be walked.


Friday, 1 March 2013

It happens once and rarely twice

March is always a month that feels happily nostalgic in the scent of almost-summer.  This year is no different.
Except that it is, completely.