Saturday, October 26, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Swopshop and the City

Swanky hotel: Check. 
Champagne before dinner: Check.
Make-Up, photo-shoot and star treatment: Check....and on top of all this I get to shop without breaking the bank?: Check!

The how I achieved a Sex and the City lifestyle for a day on a tenner guide:

  • Step One:  Signed up for a Silver ticket to’s first ever ROADSHOW. A ‘3D’ Fashion Exchange Event. 
  • Step Two: Arrived a little later than planned at The Morgan Hotel, Fleet Street, Temple Bar on Saturday October 12th and headed in the direction of the function room (noting the pretty surroundings and many decadently framed mirrors along the way)
  • Step Three: Was greeted by Adele and her entourage of Swopshop ladies who presented me with my Silver wristband which provided me 2 Basic Designer swopper credits, a drink token and access to the 3D area.

Let me point out here that a Silver ticket for the Swopshop Roadshow would have cost you a mere €10.
Read here: for how Swopshop actually works.
Let me also mention that I arrived with nothing to swap. Nowt. Yet I managed to leave with two items of clothing in a free tote (with matching gangsta fingerless gloves), thanks to my Silver ticket Swopshop credits!

My swopping partner brought two items to check-in but didn't use her credits. She did however use her Silver to have a quick make over from MKF Institute and we both champagne giggled ourselves through a photo shoot while stuck in an egg chair.

It was an extremely relaxed event which I probably would have benefited more from had I arrived earlier and actually brought clothes to trade.  I would have been just as happy to see my clothes go to a good home but I made the error of assuming that my pre-loved garms wouldn't be good enough to claim credits. However, rails ranged from Basic High Street to High End and Designer and I could have gotten away with at least bringing a small pile of the former.  I have a bag of items already packed up for the next ROADSHOW, wherever and whenever it may be. I’d be mad not to bring trades next time, and you’d be mad not to give it a go.  A lot of satisfied ladies leaving with makeovers and new wardrobes were asking when the next one was happening...hoping for a pre-Christmas resurrection.

Definitely an occasion to grab another girl or two (and yer Ma’s) and make yourselves feel a bit special for a day, you'll be well looked after.

My Silver ticket credits bagged me a pair of brand new jeans from Zara and this cute Topshop dress :)
Big thanks to Adele at Swopshop, Lorraine and the crew at MKF Institute, Ian Pelly Photography, and The Morgan Hotel for a grand afternoon!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hidden Treasure.

Literally down a laneway, Quack & Dirk is a sweet hideaway packed with vintage and handmade clothes and accessories. I pass the little sandwich board sign just after Bank of Ireland at Marino Mart in Fairview everyday but had never ventured down the lane until this past week.

As I entered the shop, with squeaky running shoes wet from adjacent park (sorry about the floor), I was welcomed by a smiling face sticking out from behind a cut-out cross, and a similarly welcoming feel from the shop. The small but airy space is stocked with quality handmade items including some delightful scarves (I'm coveting one or two of these myself as well as a zebra print cardi) perfect for Christmas Day cosiness).

The lovely smiling woman with the fantastic mane of hair, sitting behind the cross remains an unnamed enigma and the shop's owner Deirdre Cantwell was away sourcing stock on the day, but I will be back with dry shoes and some pocket money very soon. They open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm.  Sure, why not make a day of it in Fairview?  Bram Stokers around the corner and there's a park there to be walked.